Nano Class Coating Test

Nano Glass Coating Test

The Nano Coating or the Lotus effect, which makes the slices later have in the meantime it’s a very impressable expression, but the minority know, what it is. A Nano glass coating gives a lot of advantage, if you do this correctly. For cleaning you need a specific process with clean, polish and coate for the optimal effect. we tested all products in Germany and ranked this correspondely in the following ranking to show you, which product is the best of the best.

Nano Glass Coating Test Top 8

1st – CleanGlas Nano GlassCoating
(new Winner 2016)

nanoversiegelung testsieger cleanglasThe first Nano Coating product which self-assembled ceramic SI structures  . CleanglaS is a highly developed nano-glass sealant / glass coating with the unbeatable instant lotus effect and anti-lime-deposit technology. Cleaning your glass surfaces like windows, showers, or even windshields has never been so easy! This means for you: You never have to clean the surfaces with a addional stuff. „Just use Cleanglase„. the destiny of Cleanglas is to revolutionize the Nano Coating and Nano Sealant. And it’s done  With cleanglas you have 2 x 30ml bottles with the nano coating stuff, a special sponge and stuff to remove the lime. It’s highly recommendable for car glasses , generall showers and windows. Currently they sell their new product for 67,95€ (normally 88,70€). By cleaning glasses no other product can beat the incredible cleanglass winner 2016. The revolution is perfect.

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2nd Place – Nanotol Universal Nano-Coating for all surfaces
(Winner of lower prices)

nanotol-Kombi-Set-125ml2This Hi-Tech nano-coating is applicable not only on glass but also on metal and plastic. The set with a great lotus effect includes a 125ml primer cleaner to preclean each surface and a bottle with 125ml nano-coating to coat all surfaces of a car or glass. Additionally the set includes 4 clothes (2 high quality microfiber), which you can use perfectly for the application and following cleaning. Our experiences were completely positive. The application is very easy and the effect is impressive and lasts for a lot of months. Nanotol from CeNano is a big nano-coating business in Germany with a lot positive ratings, all of the customers a very happy and satisfied with the products, which have the best price value. With this set, which Nanotol delivers here, you can clean and protect a car completely (paint, laque, carglass, chrome). Additionaly you can use it for you windows incl. frames in your house or your showerglass. There are bigger sets as well.

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3rd Place – Heureka Set

hrn_set4_autoglas_50ml_v2-300x300Heureka developed their Sealer concretely for glasses of cars, so it has a quite good water beading. Also if you drive with 70km/h you don’t need windshield wipers and you will have a nice vacation tour. All-In-One ? You have a primer to clean with a attached special sponge, a microfiber cloth and a 50ml bottle to coate your glasses on time. For 21,90€ (normally 39,99€) it’s a quite good offer and recommendable by us.

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Info:: These were our 3 bestseller. The following products also passed our test but with big distance behind our best products.

4th – 2K Nano glass coating

Nano GlasVersiegelung Test Test SiegerNano glass coating was developed specificly for cleaning showers and this is the best of the product. It’s enough for the restroom, but not more. It is testet in the winter with frost and it passed. We can recommend it.

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Platz 5 – Hamlet 7000 Nano Glass Sealant

Nano GlasVersiegelung Test Test Platz 5With  Hamlet 7000 you have an easy and affected cleaning. Unfortunately you can just buy it with the nano coating stuff for varnish in one big combo pack, but for this price you have a lot of stuff. For just cleaning a bathroom it is very expensive,so in our comparison it just reached the 5th place.

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6th Place – NIGRIN 73905 Set for coating windows

Nano GlasVersiegelung Test Test Platz 2This set is approved by the german TÜV and you can use it for Ceramics, tiling and Emaille. But if you don’t use totally correctly like the instruction you show it, you have a lot of dirty tracks later. Even neither for this price the possibilities Nigrin get the place number 6 in our test.

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7th – Nano-Glass-coating for cars

Nano GlasVersiegelung Test Test Platz 3This product made by PEARL work  free of silicon and it is abrasion resistant and it has a long effect. But there are just 2 clothes without any fluently stuff or a bottle so it reached just the 7th place for this price.

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8th – SONAX Xtreme Scheibenklar NanoPro

Nano GlasVersiegelung Test Test Platz 4Sonax is one of the most using Cleaner and outrider in the area Nano Coating and Nano sealing  and you see a lot of positiv customer comments. Even neither this stuff just reached the 8th place in our ranking becuase is wasn’t so nice to use ist, it doesn’t hold for a long time and it’s just a little spray bottle without nothing for a quite big price.

Directly to the offer <strong>of Sonax Xtreme Scheibenklar</strong> to

Nano Glass Coating Test, not just for cars

A lot of women hate the cleaning of windows, because they have to do this frequently. Addionally it is very tiring. But here you have the best help. So a glass coating is developed for the windows and showers within the house and not just for the glasses for the cars. So you have the corresponding task to clean first the slices carefully and after use one of our tested products and you will never have the problem. The good point is, the coating works as the same like with the cars, just you don’t need take the window or the shower to the worpkshop. And the best point is: You just do it one time and for a long time you have clean slices.


Polish, hat you can !

Poish one time after you used the nano glass coating stuff. This is a very important point, because if you forget to polish a point o a corner, you will see it days later and you can start again. And Second: For every minute polishing you have one year clean. I think this is a great motivation for you.

Nano Glass Coating in a complete set

With this test we not just proved, that you can reach a new time of cleaning. Addionally there are complete sets, that you help to improve that all. And that combination is a real revolution in the area of clean and nano glass sealing.

Don’t clan your windows for years

Just do it, if you landed here in the article. The best motivation is, that you have silence for years of cleaning. The time nano glass coating shows you, that is not necessary to clean every weekend. If you like this, do this 🙂 but i think our motivation shows you that you can have a better life. That means our test in general

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